A beginner's guide to Unit Testing in Vue: Part 1


If you're subscribed to my newsletter than you know I have been working on a series of articles for my friends over at Vue Mastery for a little while now. The series is titled "A beginner's guide: Unit Testing in Vue" and has been broken into 3 parts. I am really excited to announce that the first article in this series is now live.

In this first post we take a look at why you should test, what you should test and more importantly what not to test. In this article you will learn:

  • Why are we writing tests to begin with? What are the goals of testing?
  • How to Identify what you should (and should NOT) be testing
  • What are the different tools used to write these tests


A special thanks to Adam Jahr for the help in getting this article published. I also want to thank Vue Mastery and VueJS for these tweets.



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