A Beginner's Guide to Unit Testing in Vue: Part 2


If you're interested in getting started with Unit Testing in Vue I have something that is really going to help you out. I have been working on a 3 part series for my friends over at VueMastery In part 1 of the series we talked about what to test and more importantly what not to test.

I am happy to announce that part 2 of this series was released yesterday. Now that you know what to test in your Vue components it's time to write some code. In this article, we dive into writing and running your first tests. In this article you will learn:

  • How to add Unit Testing to your project using the Vue CLI
  • What are the different libraries you will be using
  • Writing your first test
    • What is Jest?
    • Understanding assertions
    • Introduction to Vue Test Utils
  • Running your first test

I hope you enjoy this article and if you do please let me know on Twitter and let the team over at VueMastery know that you want me to keep writing for them 😉

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