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with Dan Vega

If you want to learn how to code you have come to the right place. I do my best to provide top notch training that everyone can follow along with.

30 Day Guarantee

All courses come with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you're not finding value in the course just ask for a refund and you will get one no questions asked.

Private Discord Channel

All courses come with an invitation to a private discord channel where you will get support from me and other students.

Offline Viewing

All courses purchased on my platform can be downloaded for offline viewing. This is something I can't offer if you purchase my courses on another platform.


Below you will find a list of courses that I currently have available. I put a lot of effort and passion into each one of my courses and I hope that shows. If you're interested in a topic that I don't have listed here please contact me.


Up and Running with Vue.JS Course Cover Image

Vue.js for Beginners: Up and Running with Vue

A beginner's guide to learn the basics of the JavaScript Framework Vue.js.

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The complete Apache Groovy Developer Course Cover Image

The Complete Apache Groovy Developer Course

Everything you need to know to get started with the Groovy Programming Language

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Getting Started with Spring Boot 2 Course Cover Image

Getting Started with Spring Boot 2

Learn how to build a real application using Spring Framework 5 & Spring Boot 2

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Learn Spring Boot Course Cover Image

Learn Spring Boot

Spring Boot gives you all the power of the Spring Framework without all of the complexity.

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Angular 4 Java Developers Course Cover Image

Angular 4 Java Developers

Learn how to build Spring Boot & Angular apps by building a real world application with JHipster.

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Getting Started with Java Course Cover Image

Getting Started with Java

Everything you need to know about setting up your local development environment.

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Meet your Instructor

Dan Vega

  • Husband & Father
  • Proud to call Cleveland home
  • 20+ Years Software Development Experience
  • Curriculum Developer at Tech Elevator (Coding Bootcamp)
  • Passionate about Software Development
  • Loves to teach others


Chris, Reading, UK
“Hi Dan, I just really wanted to say thank you for what you are doing. After I moved to the UK from Hungary, to find new opportunities as a Java Developer, I bought your courses, and I can thank my new job to your Spring Boot course (I am at this position for 8 months now, and working with Spring Boot since, just the way you taught me back then when I watched the course). You probably don’t know, but you really are a game changer. Literally changed my life by pointing me to the right direction. You are a good person, and a wonderful teacher indeed. Many many thanks Dan, and keep doing what you do!“

AJ Moore
“Among the best courses that I have taken. If you are curious about Groovy, even remotely, take this course–your questions will be answered.”

Gary Mann
“Brilliant course! Very thorough coverage of Groovy, all the interesting parts are included and many illustrations of how Groovy improves on Java. The course is long, but that is because there is so much to include and nothing significant is omitted. Even if you are an experienced Java developer (like me) the course will teach you all ways Groovy improves on Java. If you are serious about learning Groovy, take this course!”

Peter Lorent
“I really cannot say enough good things about this course. Dan stands out as a really good instructor and covers all of the basics to get up and running quickly with SpringBoot. Everything is explained in a solid educational style and at a good pace. Dan, please follow up with courses on the various Spring Projects! Kudos!”

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