Website Redesign, VMware Explore Barcelona and Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ

Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of the newsletter. My apologies for the recent silence; I've had a busy few weeks of traveling and presenting. Two weeks ago, I was in Seattle with my friend DaShaun for a productive customer meeting where I discussed Spring Boot 3 and the upcoming features in Spring Boot 3.2.

Last week, I attended and spoke at Connect Tech in Atlanta, a first-time experience for me. It was really great to see so many familiar faces and learn from some of the best the frontend development community has to offer. I was also lucky enough to grab some dinner and catch up with my friends Jordan and Erik. We had dinner at an amazing restaurant called Blue India thanks to a recommendation from Todd Libby.

Blue India

Finally, I want to thank Pratik Patel and Vincent Myers for putting together another amazing conference. They do a bunch of work on the conference scene and in the development community and we are lucky to have them.

Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates. πŸŽƒ

Website Redesign

I'm excited to announce that I've updated my website. While I've been planning this for some time, I wanted to use Nuxt 3 for the update. It's hard to believe I've been blogging for nearly 20 years now. If you're interested in the origins of this blog, you can read this post from about four years ago.

For the new blog, I used a template called Spotlight from Tailwind UI. The template was designed for React/Next, so I had to convert it. I'm not familiar with either, which made this project interesting. Now that I understand React at a high level, I have a question for those who use it: are you aware of other options, like Vue?

Website Redesign Light Theme

Website Redesign Dark Theme

I’m really proud with how clean this is and how the initial rollout has been. I put this together pretty quickly and I still have a lot to do but I felt it was good enough to get it out there. I’m going to do a video on this as well where I cover some of the features so stay tuned for that. If there is anything in particular you want to know about you can check out the source code for this site here and as always feel free to ask questions.

VMware Explore Barcelona

Next week, I will be in Barcelona, Spain for VMware Explore. My coworker Cora and I will give a presentation on Accelerating Innovation with Spring. In this presentation, we will explore the newest features of the Spring Framework 6.x and Spring Boot 3.x releases.

I am also presenting on GraphQL at the Code Theater. This presentation is unique because it won't include any slides and will feature live coding for about 20 minutes. This will be my first time visiting Barcelona and I'm extremely excited about the conference. If you’re going to be in attendance please be sure to come by and say hi πŸ‘‹πŸ»

✍️ Quote of the week

β€œBe kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” ― Plato

Until Next Week

I hope you enjoyed this newsletter installment, and I will talk to you in the next one. If you have any links you would like me to include please contact me and I might add them to a future newsletter. I hope you have a great week and as always friends...

Happy Coding
Dan Vega