Spring Framework’s new Rest Client, GraphQL in Nuxt and SpringOne videos are now available

Happy Monday and welcome to another edition of the newsletter. This week, I'm heading out to Seattle to meet with a customer and discuss GraphQL, one of my favorite topics. I feel grateful for the opportunity to do what I love every day!

Before we dive in, I'm excited to announce that I'll be speaking at ConnectTech on October 24-26 in Atlanta. As a huge fan of frontend technology and building for the web, I can't wait to share my real-world experience of building a Nuxt application powered by Notion. If you're attending, please let me know and come say hi 👋🏻. With an amazing lineup of speakers, I'm just as excited to be an attendee as I am to speak.

In this edition of the newsletter I want to talk to you about the new Rest Client in Spring Boot 3.2, working with GraphQL in Nuxt and SpringOne videos are now available on YouTube.

Spring Framework’s new Rest Client

Last week I worked on a blog post and a video around Spring Framework’s new Rest Client coming in Spring Boot 3.2. What I really enjoy about this new Rest Client is that it works in a Spring MVC app, the fluent API and the simplicity / readability of the resulting code.

I’m also going to be experimenting with creating multiple YouTube shorts for each of my long form videos to hopefully drive more viewers to the tutorial. This didn’t make a lot of sense in the past because there was no way you could connect a short to a long form video. YouTube rolled out a new feature that allows you to set the related video for a short.

I could create these shorts by hand but one of my favorite services around, VideoTap added this in a recent update. It will automatically create shorts for me or I can go in and select the portion of the video I want to clip and then customize it. This is going to save me a ton of time and I am really excited to utilize this feature. Here are the 3 shorts I clipped from the long form tutorial.

Nuxt GraphQL Client + Spring for GraphQL

I work a lot with GraphQL on the server using Spring for GraphQL. I often get questions on how to consume those APIs on the frontend so I thought I would take some time to address this last week. I put together a quick tutorial on using Nuxt + Nuxt GraphQL Client Module to call a GraphQL API written in Java and Spring.

Reading YAML in Spring with Jackson

We all know how great Jackson is for working with JSON data in Java. Did you know that you can also use it to read in YAML? In this tutorial I give you a quick example of how and why you might want to do this.

VMware Explore

All of the videos for SpringOne are now on the SpringDeveloper YouTube Channel. I was at the conference and I didn’t get to catch the sessions I wanted to see because there were so many. I started binging some of the sessions already and they are pure gold. If you want to catch my sessions, 2 of the 3 were recorded and you can find them below

Connect Tech

I’m happy to announce that will be speaking at Connect Tech in Atlanta next month. This is my first time attending or speaking at this conference but I have heard nothing but great things about it. The list of speakers looks amazing as well so while I am excited to speak and equally as excited to be an attendee.

Around the web

📝 Articles

Java 21 is set to be released next week and it’s packed full of features. In this article Mohamed Taman gives a sneak peak at what to expect.

🎬 Videos

In this video the great Craig Walls talks about the new experimental Spring AI Project. I thought this was a great example of how to get started with the project and how to take advantage of AI capabilities in your Spring Applications.

🎙 Podcasts

I’m really enjoying the Working Code Podcast with Adam, Tim Carol and Ben. In the latest episode they discussed moving on, rewriting and replatforming.

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I hope you enjoyed this newsletter installment, and I will talk to you in the next one. If you have any links you would like me to include please contact me and I might add them to a future newsletter. I hope you have a great week and as always friends...

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