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March 20, 2024O'Reilly Learning PlatformVirtual
March 28, 2024IntelliJ IDEA Live StreamVirtual
March 19, 2024Atlanta Java User GroupAtlanta, GA
February 7, 2024We Make the Internet MeetupCleveland, OH
December 19, 2023Azul MeetupVirtual
February 21, 2024ConFooMontreal, Canada
February 21, 2024ConFooMontreal, Canada
January 9, 2024CodeMashSandusky, OH
January 9, 2024CodeMashSandusky, OH
November 6, 2023VMware BarcelonaBarcelona Spain
October 24, 2023ConnectTechAtlanta, GA
October 23, 2023O'Reilly Learning PlatformVirtual
October 17, 2023SpringOne TourVirtual
August 21, 2023SpringOneLas Vegas, NV
June 20, 2023KCDCKansas City, MO
April 4, 2023DevNexusAtlanta, GA
February 7, 2023What's new in Spring Boot 3Online
January 24, 2023SpringOne Essentials Watch PartySan Francisco, CA
January 17, 2023Cleveland Java User Group (CJUG)Cleveland, OH
January 11, 2022CodeMash: Getting Started with Spring WorkshopSandusky, OH
January 12, 2022CodeMash: Give your APIs a REST & Make the move to GraphQLSandusky, OH
September 22, 2022BrightTalk Webinar: Spring RecipesOnline
August 08, 2022Kansas City Developer Conference (KCDC)Kansas City, KS
July 25, 2022Code On The BeachAtlantic Beach, FL
June 21, 2022Introduction to GraphQLOnline
June 21, 2002Java Frameworks Panel DiscussionCleveland, OH
July 12, 2022SpringOne TourSeattle, WA
June 8, 2022VueConf USFt. Lauderdale, FL
June 7, 2022SpringOne TourToronto, CA
June 6, 2022Level Up Your Integration Testing With TestcontainersToronto, CA
February 23, 2022San Francisco Java User GroupOnline
February 16, 2022IntelliJ IDEA Live StreamOnline
September 01, 2021SpringOneOnline
January 07, 2020CodeMashSandusky, OH
November 05, 2018GetWitItCleveland, OH