I am often asked about the gear I use as a software developer and content creator. The hardware and software I use is changing all the time so this page will serve as a place for an updated list. If you have a question about anything I use or a suggestion for something I am missing please reach out to me on Twitter. The inspiration for this page came from Wes Bos's uses page and has been submitted to

This Website

Editor + Terminal

My Visual Studio Code Setup

Java & Spring Development

My IntelliJ IDEA Setup



Canon 70D and 24mm Lens

Desk Setup

My desk setup

Work Setup

I work from home a lot (full time at the time of writing this) so I put together another desk setup. I don't like having to switch out laptops everytime I move from work to personal so I like having a 2nd setup I can just sit down and get to work at.

Affiliate Links

A few of the links on this page will earn me an affiliate commission. This comes at no extra cost to you and helps support me as a creator. Thank you 🙏